Some of our services include:

  • Static Security Guards System, Dog Handling, Cash In–Transit.
  • Escort Handling/VIP Protection, Consultancy, Safes and Cabinets.
  • Security Training and Education.
  • Supply/After-Sales Services-Hi-Tech Security Equipment such as:
  • Intelligent Home/Private Security Telephones.
  • Mail Scanning Machines, Cabinet and Baggage Screeners.
  • Suspect package Interceptors, Walk-through Metal Detectors.
  • CCTV, Dedicated Broadband Internet Connectivity and IR Surveillance Cameras with Streaming Enabled (To view your office/home anywhere you are).
  • Security Alarm Padlock, Car Alarm Device, Car Tracking etc.
  • Employees, guarantors vetting and certificate verifications.
  • Recruitment of drivers and provision of defensive driving training


  • Clients Relationship Management
  • Corporate Guards/Private Body Guards
  • Distribution and monitoring of diesel/consumable products at our locations/cell sites
  • Security Communication Network
  • Installation & Maintenance of Security Gadgets/Fire Fighting Equipments
  • Installation/Maintenance & securing of generating sets for completed cell sites/clients
  • Security Patrol and Surveillance/conduction of earthling for the cell sites
  • Proper documentation of all the sites’ reports.
  • Recruitment, Training and Contracting of Static & Mobile Security Guards
  • Corporate Security Consultancy
  • Provision of janitorial services etc at cell sites
  • Background checks / due diligence/vetting of employees details.
  • Sales of bulletproof vehicles and clothing.



  • Prompt response to clients needs
  • Effective Security Monitoring and Surveillance
  • Operational Radio/communication link to all our locations
  • Professional expertise in all spheres of our Services.
  • Professional Advisory services to clients
  • Regular safety/security surveys and reports.



As part of strategic security detailed initiative, our company has partnered with some technical companies abroad for the provision, installation and maintenance of the following gadgets:

  • Dedicated Broadband Internet Connectivity and IR Surveillance Cameras with Streaming Enabled (To view your office/home anywhere you are)
  • SecuphonePlus-The Intelligent Home/Private Security Telephone.
  • Chain Sprayers, Stun Gun, Electric Baton, Metal Detectors.
  • Letter Scanner, Burglary and Fire Detector.
  • Access Control & Personnel Alarm Systems.
  • CCTV (Close Circuit Television), Door Control Bell.
  • Viper Car Demobiliser, Alarm Systems (fire, panic, burglary & smoke).
  • VHF Radio Base Station, Walkie-Talkie Mobile Radio, Antenna & Installations
  • Car and Whip Antenna, General Maintenance.
  • In addition to the above, we have a strong base in the Nigerian Police force for support services where the need arises.



SHEGATOL SECURITY SERVICES LTD understand that communication is vital to effective security operations hence has designed an operational Radio communication Networks which links all our locations through Icon Radio Base System, and Mobile Radio frequencies alternated by transmitting the various channels through repeater stations to Walkie Talkies. All our location operation/patrol officers are provided with mobile telephone for easy accessibility at any point in time.


….the intelligence watchman